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VELLGOOOD Junior RespiraGOOOD [15s]

VELLGOOOD Junior RespiraGOOOD [15s]

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Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) is a medicinal mushroom from Southeast Asia that shows promise in supporting respiratory health. TMM supplementation can relieve asthma symptoms, shorten recovery time, decrease recurrence of attacks, reduce airway inflammation, and promote muscle relaxation.
Added with 2.5 billions of probiotic and Vitamin C to improve gut health and immunity

-Improves respiratory health
-Natural immune-boosting supplement
-Increases lung capacity (higher oxygen) and enhance physical performance

Orange fruit powder, Vitamin C, Tiger Milk Mushroom, Fibruline Chicory Root Fiber, Sweetener, Pre & Probiotic, Anti-Caking Ageng

Direction of Use
Direct consume or mix in 30ml water. Take 1 sachet per day.

Recommended Storage
Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Keep in cool and dry place.
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