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VITAMODE LivaShield Capsule [3x10s]

VITAMODE LivaShield Capsule [3x10s]

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Each capsule contains:
-Milk Thistle 200mg
-Phyllanthus Amarus 50mg
-Burdock 20mg
-Artichoke 20mg
-Dandelion 20mg

Selling Point:
-5 in 1 Synergsitic combination liver tonic

-Maintain & promote liver health
-Antioxidanr protection for liver cells from toxins
-Anti-inflammation properties for prevention of liver injury & inflammatory liver disease
-Traditioanlly used as liver tonic

Target Group:
-Individuals with elevated AST & ALT levels
-Individuals on regular medications
-Individial at risk of developing liver diseases e.g. poor dietary habits, regular alcohol drinkers, obese individual, late sleepers
-Individual looking for liver detoxification to optimize liver health

Adult: Take 1 cap twice daily, after meal.

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